JOHN GAUSE PLUMBING - Repair Pictures - College Station, TX
Plumber digging up large busted eater line at apartmentsboiler and recirculate system. John Gause Plumbing is available 24 hours for a boiler malfunction emergencycast iron sewer line removed from under slab by John Gause Plumbing. build up and roots caused break. Keep your sewer line clean to prevent a sewer clog emerency        
replacement of T inside wall after roots broke it apart
this could be a sign that your water heater is leaking, call john gause plumbing to prevent a water emerency
Clogged toilet, removed shirtRoots growing into main at toilet riser {broken pipe}Old cast iron sewer main with belly in it replaced with pvc pipe by john gause plumbingcast iron sewer clean out collapseconcrete repair by John Gause Plumbing after sewer line repairheating frozen pipes to make repair to chiller feeds ontop of office buildingbackflow in ground for irrigationrepairing broken sewer line that flooded under house
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