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Sewer & Drain Services
John Gause Plumbing is one of the best equipped sewer specialists in town. We have options and equipment most plumbers don't have available. We are available for emergency service!
We offer a FULL range of sewer services from unclogging sinks to large storm drains. We also replace all types of drain lines of any size.
We offer full grease and root jetting up to 700 feet with our powerful trailer-mounted jet machine. Our jetter is available for emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This option is a great tool for grease removal in apartments and restaurant plumbing systems. It is best to have some of these lines flushed annually to prevent back up. 
If you have an issue and would like to see it in person or to determine exactly what the clog is made of we provide sewer camera services at very competitive rates

deep sewer line replacement
We repair and replace sewer lines of any size and type.

If you are having lift station issues, John Gause Plumbing specializes in most lift station services
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